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Trouble Including an ipsMenu dialog in Default Theme NavBar

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I'm trying to emulate some of the things that IPS has done on its current community theme, and am getting stuck on the navbar and the dropdown menus that are being used there. I'm currently trying to include an ipsMenu dialog dropdown into my test theme navbar, but I am not getting a very great UX here.

While I can essentially place a button and ipsMenu within the Navbar area, and it looks pretty good, the issues arise whenever you try to hover over the dropdown menu itself. It keeps disappearing, as if the site thinks you've placed your focus elsewhere. I can't think of any reason why it's doing this, perhaps IPS staff have an idea or some tips on how to make this work properly?

I can't upload screen captures for some reason so here are some converted gifs to illustrate my point (ignore the options there, I copy-pasted from another ipsMenu that was working on the page and dead-linked the items).


It's not just ipsMenu dialogs that have this issue - if I move the userbar options into the navbar too, I get the same experience:


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Troubleshooting custom themes is not directly supported by IPS.  They're not going to assist with creating themes or figuring out why you can't copy/paste code around to different areas of the core software.  

(I have a few things I would like to do as well, but alas...  it's on me.  haha)

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