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Commerce Suggestion - stock inventory default display


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Using 4.7 trial, I tried adding some products to commerce, adding two colors for one shirt, and also five sizes.  I then added different stock levels depending with the custom field values.  For the maroon shirt, there was no shirts available in large. For the purple shirt, there were five shirts available in x-small, and so on. After saving, I inspected the front end, and this was the display:

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Other community members explained that the zero in stock display was a result of that particular shirt size and color having no inventory.  So even though I have 20 shirts in both colors, in various sizes, the page displays that there are no items in stock.  

The way this is currently configured, it is not at all intuitive to a casual visitor.  It would be much more preferable to show the total in stock.  If a visitor lands on the page, and the default size happens to be out for that color, it sends a message that there are no items in stock.

My suggestion would be to add an additional setting in the ACP Commerce Stock & Price Adjustments tab to display as configured right now, and to display with the total amount in stock.  


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