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Ability to re-order Create menu functions - A current Application/Pages Design issue


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The Create feature is a core function and I was today years old when I found out you can re-order the large IPS applications in a certain order on the Applications page to help with this.

However, Pages is the most powerful IPS feature here and allows every user to define different things to use to make their websites more valuable and useable. I now understand that the order follows the database ID rather than any particular common sense logic you would probably expect in this section.

The create function works in very similar ways to the 'Menu Manager' function. These two go hand-in-hand for your journey around your website and adding content.

I'd like to ask for the ability to change the order on how the Create function looks in the core IPS - my suggestion would be that all the ability you need is within the Menu Manager function already, so duplicating this feature for this menu would be the most ideal way to deliver this.

A few screenshots on what I'm referring to below:

Create menu with in random order for Pages functions

Could contain: Text, Menu, Nature


Menu Manager core function showing the necessary functions needed for the Create bar



Could contain: Page, Text, File


Hopefully if people agree, we can get some reactions and comments below. Thanks in advance all 🙂

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