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Report user-content and feedback - Plugin or Vanilla capability?

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Scenario (what we see today)

  1. Alice posts something (Forums)
  2. Bob reports it (bad post, Alice)
  3. Moderator Charlie gets the notification that Bob reported on Alice.
  4. Moderator Charlie handles the problem/post

Bob doesn't get notified when Moderator Charlie dispositions the progress of the Report.  Bob gets zero notification that the issue is in-work or resolved, etc..


  • Is it just a configuration issue on the vanilla version that Bob can be notified for each administrative step taken by Moderator Charlie?
  • Is it a situation that requires a Plugin ( Marketplace ) to add fine detail capabilities to fire off PM/email to Bob when Moderator Charlie moves the progress of the Report from state to state through the Reporting system?

Without an additional Plugin, is it possible to configure the system such that when Moderator Charlie takes a step in administration of the Report that Bob (the Repoter) is notified (PM/Email) of those stages of work performed by the Moderator?

I've searched for a Manual (PDF) of the Administrative features and can't quite find it -- to tailor the way in which Report notifications work (or should work, or could work?)

Ping me if more details are necessary.


ps. We're trying to avoid the hack of scraping the DB looking for the residue when Moderator Charlie takes administrative steps and deduce from those records the state of the Resolution and firing off email to the Reporter (outside of the IPS software domain).   We don't want to go there.  We'd rather use either as-is Vanilla capability of IPS or purchase a Plugin that enhances the feature of Reports such that Bob (the Reporter) is notified (or kept up to date) on the progress of the Moderator Charlie's work on handling the Report.



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  • Solution

Sorry, there is currently not an automatic notification system to the reporter based on what is happening with the reported content in the default software. You can certainly suggest this in our official Feature Suggestion forum.

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Plugin developers trial-and-error their way through?  Or is there an SDK with some modicum of documentation about the underlying engine (sufficient enough for a Plugin developer to have a field day) ?

Point me in the direction of:  "So, you want to write a Plugin for IPS?  Here's the SDK/docs you need.  Good luck."






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