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Best method to assign a purchase to a member

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I need to credit a new member with a purchase of a downloadable file in Commerce. Do I just move them to the correct customer group then create an invoice for zero amount, add the item and then mark it paid? Then they will see it in their client centre and will be able to download it from Downloads app, as if they had made an actual purchase?

Many thanks!

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May Day! Still struggling with this, sorry. When I create an invoice and select marked as paid it insists on a billing address in step 1.

I don't have a billing address because it's a new member who hasn't made a purchase yet. Customer made a theme purchase via an external source, then created a support account on my site and so I need a way to give access to the download for 12 months, after which they can pay to renew or not.

I figured I'd either create an invoice marked as paid, or mark it as paid after generating it, or set the purchase price/invoice value to 0.00 or add a separate credit line for the cost of the item to negate the cost so no payment is attempted.

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  • Solution

Either enter a dummy address or turn off address as a requirement.

ACP - Commerce - Payments - Settings - Checkout

Uncheck “Paying other charges”.   You might also need “Purchasing non-physical products”.  

You can turn it back on after you generate your invoice if you want. 

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