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Downloads issue when uploading on chunk basis

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To reproduce the issue easily go to upload on chunk basis by adding following to your htaccess:

<If "^%{REQUEST_URI} == '/files/file/*' AND %{QUERY_STRING} == 'do=newVersion'$ OR ^%{REQUEST_URI} == '/files/submit/*' AND %{QUERY_STRING} == 'do=submit&category=(.+)'$">
    php_value post_max_size 2M

Now try to upload file larger than example 2 MB. You will notice that after submitting the upload the uploaded file record will look like follows: 189416541_filename.rar where it should be only filename.rar. System adds some sort of prefix. Can you please get a rid of the prefix please?

Uploading on chunk basis is necessary in some cases when running e.g. free plan of cloud flare.

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