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Search and move the topics I found ?

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Hello! have the same question, I want to create a new forum based on many discussions that I already have scattered,

they are many more than 40 -50 topics, so I wish I could move them in a batch.

I remember I had this option back way back at vbulletin.  

Is that feature possible in invision?

or also maybe   a " move by tags " like,   all topics with tag  xyz,    move to   this forum

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ah, i found this topic where its been talked about and apparently there is no interest in making that happen.

I cant beleive it because I have so many, and what if I would want to change a lot of things,  I would be doomed. 

mine  is 17 years old,  and therefore many many topics.  many medical subjects that I might want to separate into new categories as they get more and more.  

I think new owners might not need it that bad, but those with old forums and many posts,... its needed. 


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