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Profile cover positioning doesn't work

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The position of the background cannot be changed from the new update. There is no option. Only two buttons appears. I have tried to manually add third button in HTML but it doesn't work. I have moved from 4.6.11 into


dataAction = "toggleCoverPhoto"

does not work so we can't click on cover to make it bigger



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13 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Please could I ask if you have tried this on a default unaltered theme, with all 3rd party items disabled? I am unable to replicate the issue here on my stock instance

Yes, on default theme it doesn't work too. I have tried this on my test instance of IPS community where is the same configuration of web server, packages etc.. The same database but 24h older and the same files. It works on testing instance but not on production instance.

And I want to share what i have investigated is that, an image appears but its opacity is set to 0%.
When i change its opacity to "unset" for example, it displays of course but still cover positioning doesnt work.

Could contain: Text, Alphabet, Scoreboard

Just like there:


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