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Crossposting - License issue after server change

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we have had to change our server and I transfered the forum via installing everything with an testinstallation, changed the IP in the DNS and then shut down the apache on the formerly Server and refreshed the test Installation with the license key. 


There seems to still be an installation of Invision Community at the URL on file. Before you can change the URL, you must first remove the existing installation.

Before I changed (or tried to) the license, the forum was working, but not reachable from everywhere, because the DNS wasn‘t synced everwhere. But since license key Update we have trouble to comment, missing icons etc…. I can‘t see and understand the relation together?!

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Thank you Marc. First of all, I followed your „server change“ howto!

In a lot of cases with different types of issue it was helpful to clear the browser cache and let users delete their cookies from our site. To clear the systems cache in the ACP cleared some complaints too.

Just the test license message is still there and wrong. 

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