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Consistency In Grammar Third Party Resource Check

Ocean West

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Third Party Resource Check

We’re checking your installed third party resources for compatibility before the upgrade process. This check is of the installed resources and However this process may not find all incompatibilities during this check.

When you During upgrade, your Applications and Plugins will again be scanned again for compatibility issues.

If incompatibility is found that would cause your community to break, those Applications and Plugins will be automatically disabled.

To prevent your community from breaking; any Applications and Plugins that do not pass this scan will be marked as incompatible and automatically disabled.

1 Resource needs updating

After the upgrade process is complete, install the updated resource from the Marketplace. If that updated resource is compatible, it can remain enabled. If the updated resource causes your community to break, that Application or Plugin will need to be disabled.

6 Resources do is are not compatible and does do not have compatible updates

This These resources can be removed if not in use. It should be assumed that this these resources will be disabled during upgrade if incompatible. If this there is a resource you require, you may wish to postpone the upgrade.

7 Resources are marked compatible by the their author.

The These resource may be disabled during upgrade if incompatible.

8 Custom resources may need require your attention

These are not able to be reviewed in by this resource check. The These resources may be disabled during upgrade if incompatible.


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