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Filter user groups by product purchased in the bulk email module


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It should be possible not to send bulk email to users who have purchased a certain product in the Bulk Email module in ACP. Let me explain why we should have this option.

In mail marketing it's crucial to distinguish leads from clients. Since IPS forum is offering the possibility of selling products in our communities, we should be able to filter users that have purchased a product or subscription so we can send them specific emails regarding to the products they have or have not purchased.

Members buy certain products and we want to send them emails offering them a product or a membership/subscription IGNORING those users in user groups that have purchased a product. It's a critical filter because I am sending emails to promote certain features and memberships and I am using the default MEMBER user group.

There are a couple of critical issues that are the result of not being able to filter the user groups by those that have purchased or not a certain product/subscription:

  1. Once the user cancels his subscription after purchasing product X, his user group will be reverted to MEMBER and he will receive emails again. And that's not what we want because he will be reading an email that is supposed to be directed to users that did not purchase any product. Else, the users will be reading a sales pitch for a product they have already purchased.
  2. Those admins using secondary groups to move users to custom user groups created for each product will have the same issue. The use of secondary groups is common if there are several products and permissions/privileges granted to each product's user group. Since each user can buy more than one different product. So, in the end, everyone belongs to the MEMBER user group and everyone receive emails that are not addressed to them (selling something they already have purchased and whose membership they probably cancelled. Why? Because the bulk email function will not filter user groups that purchased a product.

There is no possibility to do any of this right now 😞


Refer to this thread for more information.


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