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Prevent sending bulk email to users who have purchased a product

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Is it possible no to send bulk email to users who have purchased a certain product? I can't see the option in the Bulk Email module in ACP.

Members buy certain products and I want to send emails with links to certain posts IGNORING those user groups that have EVER purchased a product. I can't see that option. It's a critical one because I am sending emails to promote certain features and I am using the MEMBER user group.

There are a couple of critical issues if it's not possible:

  1. Once the user cancels his subscription after purchasing product X, his user group will be reverted to MEMBER and he will receive emails again. And that's not what I want because he will be reading an email directed to users that did not purchase.
  2. I am using secondary groups to move users to the user groups created for each product since they can buy more than one different product. So, everyone belongs to the MEMBER user group and everyone receive emails that are not addressed to them (selling something they already have purchased and whose membership they probably cancelled


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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

One of my colleagues just mentioned one way to do this may be by using promotions. so promote to another group when someone purchases, then you can exclude that group rather than trying to exclude a product

Thanks a lot, but I am not quite sure what you mean with the use of promotions. I am moving users to another group when they purchase; I can't see the promotion function inside the product. How is this done exactly?

This is the only thing I can see in the Purchase Benefits tab. Nothing about promotions.

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If it's part of the reward system, badges and all that, I've disabled it in my community since I don't need that.

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9 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

By promotion, I mean exactly what you have set there. "promoting" someone to another group

That's what I am doing but then I can't have users in different secondary groups.

I mean...

  • User buys product 1, promote user to user group 1
  • User buys product 2, promote user to user group 2

I need users to belong to different user groups depending upon the product they purchase. I was recommended by support and a couple of users to use secondary groups because of that.

User 1 can buy product 1, 2 and 3. He will have different privileges based on his user group. If i use the primary group, and the user purchased a second product, he will lose the privilege of the original group.

Products are independent and not related to each other so the "promotion" cannot be done. I need each product with a different group. So, I guess I still can't do what I need. Or maybe I am using the primary/secondary groups incorrectly.


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