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Reaction/Reputation same color as background Default Theme

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Good Afternoon, 

I am new to the Invision community and have figuring out what I can through trial and error, its been a mostly pleasant experience and I thank you for providing the software that allows my community to continue on. 

I try to upload a snippet of the example here but perhaps lack the permissions to do so, am I permitted to share a link to my forum as that would serve to the same effect. 

In short the reaction/reputation when not moused over is the same color as the background. As such without prior knowledge you wouldnt know that it was there until the dots connect by chance over time. 

Is it possible to change the color of the reaction/reputation for the default theme or possibly change the color surrounding it to expose it by way of contrast? 

Also is it ok that I post multiple threads for different questions or is it preferred to have them housed altogether in one thread? 



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