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WordPress Login not working

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I have try to enable the login into Invision Community using a Wordpress Account feature. I have followed all steps mentioned in this guide (Wordpress as the Server). When trying to the login with Wordpress, after authorizing the permissions, the user is redirected to an error page:

Could contain: Text, Page

Could contain: Text, Page, File

Could contain: File, Business Card, Paper, Text, Webpage

I am using Mini Orange default scopes and settings.

Could contain: Text, Page, File

System log shows: 

REPLACE INTO `core_login_links` ( `token_login_method`, `token_member`, `token_identifier`, `token_linked`, `token_access_token`, `token_expires`, `token_refresh_token`, `token_scope` ) VALUES ( 9, 622, NULL, 1, '4ad948d2ba4f01823077f0bf20239809', 1664223438, '6fdbfcd51a0fe28ad9761dda58cde97e', '["profile"]' )
IPS\Db\Exception: Column 'token_identifier' cannot be null (1048)

Is there anything else I may be missing?


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Are you able to send me screenshots of your WordPress OAuth configuration with miniorange in a message?

Additionally, we will require access to your installation to review the Invision Community side of things:

We would need to look further into this for you, however the access details on file appear to be incorrect or missing. Could you please update these details by visiting your client area, selecting the relevant purchase, then clicking "Review/Update Access Information" under the "Stored Access Information" section. 

We look forward to further assisting you. 


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