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You Might Be Interested In Content sticky feature


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Not sure if there is anything in the Marketplace that does this or if this idea has been discussed before.  Amazon is one but there are other shopping-related websites that do this, and of course, Netflix does this: based on your interest in xxxx, you might be interested in yyyy.   

Sure there are applications for the IPS ecommerce platform but I am talking more about community building tools.  Perhaps using tags that help to categorize clubs and images and tags, when someone visits a topic with a certain tag, there would be a suggestion bar offering other community content, blogs, images, posts, clubs, that have those tags. 

I'm not a coder so the only thing I can think of is tags but hopefully you developers or geniuses grasp my suggestion. 

A clear example to me is the Cheersandgears site.  I could easily see someone who visits or posts in a topic about Camaros might be interested in posts or events or blogs about muscle cars.  

This feature helps to build stickiness, keeping a website visitor on the platform, exploring other things and helping people discover clubs they might be interested in or blogs, or albums or members who add content that is of interest to the website visitor.

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