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(TB) Recent Activity in My Clubs Widget [Support Topic]


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I'm loading the content the same way IPS does for the clubs homepage. Just to double-check: you're noticing the issue only in the widget and not in the block on the clubs homepage?


If you can't replicate with the default block from IPS I'll need a link to the page with the widget in order to have a look at it because I can't replicate locally either. If you don't want to post it there for everyone to see send me a PM. 🙂

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community is bi5on.com, widget is there in homepage, you might need to sign up and follow a few clubs. The photo repeated (bug) is from a private club though.

On another note, when you sign up, follow the startup advice club (https://www.bi5on.com/circles/14-startup-advice/?do=overview), you will see in the club recent activity block that the photo stream does not resize for mobile.

(Clubs are called circles in my community)

Thank you, I appreciate your support. 

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