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Issues related to giropay and ideal

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I have tried to add giropay and ideal, to the checkout options. But they are not showing up for any customers. Even if they are in germany. I have tried to check logs on the admincp and stripe, but nothing shows in the logs

I do use cloudflare, i dont know if that can somehow corrupt the process 🙂

Do you guys know what might be the problem?

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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Cloudflare may well be causing your issues, yes. I would advise on disabling that and testing first of all. If you are then still seeing the same issue, I would need an example user who is seeing this issue, and which you would expect them to see

I just found out the issue. So giropay and iDEAL only supports euro

It would probably be good to state it somewhere 🙂

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