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Please change the front end to an unmodified Theme, and disable all 3rd-party apps and plugins.

Does the same problem happen?

If not, then the issue is with either your Theme or one of your 3rd-party items.

But if it still happens, please reply here to let us know, with details of what they are seeing on their profile page and where within it.

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Do you mean how to change the front-end Theme?

If so, go to ACP -> Themes and edit an unmodified stock Theme (create one if necessary with the green "+Create New" button). Once open for editing , enable this setting and then save:

Could contain: Text, Logo, Trademark, Symbol, Home Decor, Word


Once the page refreshes, use the drop-arrow menu to the right of the Theme you just edited and choose "Set as Members' Theme".

That will set an unmodified Theme for the front end.

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