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I receive the message something went wrong, when I try to edit a wysiwyg editor block or when posting to the forms.


SELECT * FROM `core_attachments` WHERE attach_post_key='XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx'
IPS\Db\Exception: Index attach_post_key is corrupted (1712)
#0 /var/www/intranet/system/Db/Select.php(446): IPS\Db\_Select->runQuery()
#1 /var/www/intranet/system/Helpers/Form/Editor.php(670): IPS\Db\_Select->rewind()
#2 /var/www/intranet/system/Helpers/Form/Editor.php(185): IPS\Helpers\Form\_Editor->getUploader()
#3 /var/www/intranet/system/Content/Item.php(754): IPS\Helpers\Form\_Editor->__construct()
#4 /var/www/intranet/applications/forums/sources/Topic/Topic.php(497): IPS\Content\_Item::formElements()
#5 /var/www/intranet/system/Content/Item.php(183): IPS\forums\_Topic::formElements()
#6 /var/www/intranet/system/Content/Item.php(133): IPS\Content\_Item::buildCreateForm()
#7 /var/www/intranet/applications/forums/modules/front/forums/forums.php(636): IPS\Content\_Item::create()
#8 /var/www/intranet/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(107): IPS\forums\modules\front\forums\_forums->add()
#9 /var/www/intranet/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute()

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6 minutes ago, TBC said:

Index attach_post_key is corrupted (1712)

You will want to have your hosting provider drop and re-create that index as somehow it got corrupted on your server. If they cannot recreate it, can drop it then run ACP -> Support to resolve any database issues.

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