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(NE) Emoji enhancements

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Would you like a little more control over the Emoji menu/search in the editor?


  • Ability to reorder Emoji groups
    • You can now put your custom emoji group(s) at the top of the list, or reorder the native/Twitter emoji categories.
  • Ability to disable Emoji groups
    • You can disable certain Emoji groups from being visible when viewing the Emoji menu, or performing a search for an emoji
    • Example use-case: maybe you want to retire the use of your custom emoji groups - currently, you would need to delete those groups in the ACP but that then has a knock-on effect on already posted content that may contain one of those custom emojis. With this application, you can simply disable the custom emoji group and it won't be viewable on the front-end

IMPORTANT: this application doesn't stop the addition of emoji via copy/paste methods - it manages what is available to the user when they access the Emoji menu or perform a search.

Pending approval at the time at the time of this post...


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