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Changing what page forums is on

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49 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

What do you want to be shown by default?  If it’s a pages app, do as @My Sharona mentioned and click the star for the pages app to make it the default application for your domain. Then go into the pages app and set whatever page you want to be the default to show. 

I would like to make a main page (ive already made) on lucidservices.xyz, and the forums on lucidservices.xyz/forums

lucidservices.xyz/forums works, but lucidservices.xyz is also on the forums.


i would like to have lucidservices.xyz not on the forums so i can have my main page on it.

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There are 2 different answers here. To clarify:

If the page you are referring to is created within the software in pages. You can click the star icon at the side of the pages application, and also set the page itself you have created as the default page (use the dropdown at the side of that page)

If the page you are refering to is outside the software, then there is no way to do what you are looking to do, unless you move the software out of your root folder, to a subfolder such as 'community' etc. You would then create your own links somewhere on your page to get to your community software.

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