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Get record excerpt in custom plugin

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I want to add an excerpt of the record in my custom feed (first 100 letters...). I can't find a variable to achieve this. Can anyone give me some guidance? My current approach

{{if !empty( $records ) }}
{{foreach $records as $record}}
<div class="col-md-6">
  <div class="blog_card">
    <div class="author_info">
      <div class="meta">
    <h4 class="blog_title">
    <p class="blog_desc">
      {$record->_description} <!-- ???? -->
    <a href="{$record->url( "getPrefComment" )}" title='{lang="view_this_cmsrecord" sprintf="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack( 'content_db_lang_sl_' . $record::$customDatabaseId, FALSE ), $record->_title"}' class="read_more">Read more</a>


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