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In Pages we can specify in a database that we want to automatically add a topic, and we can set some html for each field we want to add to the post.

But I cannot find a way to add the record image. Is it possible? Also, the link to post that is generated, can I add a button class on it for example?


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You have almost no control over the appearance of the topic created via Page. Even as an admin, there is no edit option. E. g. you cannot remove the backlink, even if there are no permissions for the database. The template above will only be considered while you make a new record. If you change the template and try to rebuild the topics afterward, all your customization will go.


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12 hours ago, GBMP said:

for 4.7
This application is not compatible with the chosen version.

please fix it)


That’s a third party resource. Post in their support topic for help.  

Just FYI the author has not been really active. Her last reply when people asked if the project was abandoned was last August when she said she was on vacation.  People have been asking for updates almost a year now.

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