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Can't add two replies as a guest

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we have strange problem (I don't see any JS errors in the console so it's hard to debug it by my own) with the guest replies.

When I go to topic and try add a reply as a guest - all is fine. But then the small circle is pending and the editor isn't showing up.

Of course done:

- disabled all plugins/apps and tested, without success.

Any advice would be helpfull.


What I'm speaking about:



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Unfortunately, before we can proceed with support, it looks like you are hiding our copyright/branding line "Powered by Invision Community" but did not purchase the copyright/branding removal license. By the license agreement, this is required to stay 100% visible on all pages or you will need to purchase the removal license. Please restore this to all pages and ensure nothing is covering it and it is 100% legible or purchase the removal license from the Client Area.

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