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IPS 4.7.1 and ElasticSearch 7.17.4 -- precise exact match vs loose match

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This may not be an IPS configuration.  In fact I think it is probably outside of IPS configuration, but Elastic Search is a selectable feature for driving search.

Since Elastic Search is a configurable choice to use for driving search results, this issue came up.

When a user searched for a term, what happened was that the ES query turned out results that matched similar words.   This was not intended.  So the question I'm asking is, for those who have integrated ES into their IPS for search, did you customize the ES back-end to tune the search to be verbatim search?

Here's an example of what we saw in a live-site:

The observation was that a term was searched: "Dominators"  (this term means something specific to the Members and the Content of the site).

What the ES/IPS search did was look for matches on these:

With and without double quotes return a lot of posts with dominant, dominance, dominated, etc. burying the actual content about Dominators.

In hindsight this reminded me of old WAIS type of behavior (for those who remember WAIS...).

I did a skim for looking for the query formation in ES and stumbled across this. 


The question again is -- is there a feature or Admin accessible configuration that can control if a Search is literally verbatim (and suppress the attempt of ES to try words -- without the user's request -- that are close-to-the term searched on) ?

Open to ideas..  Point me in a direction that I should look if this isn't an IPS configurable thing.   Questions, ping me.  Thanks.

Caveat -- Unable to change the version of ES used.


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