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Issue with theme

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17 hours ago, Luuuk said:


Always after installing a theme clear a cache:

ACP > Get Support > Clear system cache

Thank you for the response. I did this and it work and again after some time it`s again unable to load it

17 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

That would be an issue with the system writing template cache. Given you have said its doing it only for some time afterward, it sounds like there is a speed issue on the server writing these. Have you perhaps switched to use disk caching for template cache? If so, have you tried switching that back?

Yes, Tired this as well. It`s happen only for this site all other working fine.

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On 8/19/2022 at 6:28 PM, Marc Stridgen said:

Please let us know the next time you see this happen so we can take a look while the issue is in place


Hello Marc, We still having this issue. Could you please help in this.

Whenever we switch the theme it works fine for some time and after it again reload without the screen.

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Hello there, you can try one more thing if you wish.
Go to themes and activate the designer mode.
After that just follow the steps from the image I left down below.

Could contain: Text, Page, Business Card, Paper

2. Wait until the designer mode was builded on all of your templates.
3. Could contain: Page, Text, Paper

4. After that, when you are done, Could contain: Word, Text, Logo, Trademark, Symbol, Alphabet press on this button again and follow the last steps from the image that I left you down below.
Could contain: File, Text, Page


Now, maybe this isn't the right way to do it, but when ever I had a problem like that, I just did this what I showed you in the images and everything worked again (90.99% sure) 😄 😛

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