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Before Purchasing I'm Looking for This Feature:

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Is it possible to have that post scroller on the right hand side of the post? Where you can scroll through the posts in a timeline setting? That is a feature the community likes as we look to migrate to other platforms.



Could contain: Text, File



Another Example to the right of the post from Unreal Engine:


Could contain: TextCould contain: Gray
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Hi @qpplesqu,

I sincerely apologise on behalf of the team for missing your topic!

It was stuck in the realms of the moderation queue which I have now approved. I will endeavour to assist you where possible, however let it be known that you weren't the only person that has been missed. I have sent you a private message to address any questions you have regarding our products as well.

I will see if I can get an answer on the questions you have as soon as possible, however I do hope that someone from the community can come through with a solution beforehand.

If there is anything else I can assist you with please don't hesitate to reach out.

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