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API notifications: Wrong title and guest author

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I noticed that when one reacts to a user's content, the public notification is:

"Power Admin reacted to a question Piattaforme per Forum"

Whereas if I go to check the API (api/core/members/**/notifications­čś×

            "notificationData": {
                "title": "someone reacted to a question Piattaforme per Forum",

It would appear that the API goes to call the language string "mailsub__core_notification_new_react" attributing notification to Guest:

            "notificationData": {
                "title": "qualcuno ha reagito a una domanda Piattaforme per Forum",
                "url": "https:\/\/invisionita.it\/topic\/6907-piattaforme-per-forum\/?do=findComment&comment=36269",
                "content": "Ecco un elenco completo di piattaforme per forum:\n<br>\n\n\n\tGratis\n<br>\n\n\n\t\n\t\tSMF - Simple Machines Forum\n\t \n\t\n\t\tphpBB\n\t \n\t\n\t\tMyBB\n\t \n\t\n\t\tVanilla\n\t \n\t\n\t\tbbPress\n\t \n\t\n\t\tElkArte\n\t \n\n\n\n\tGratis ma per VPS\n<br>\n\n\n\t\n\t\tDiscourse\n\t \n\t\n\t\tFlarum\n\t \n\t\n\t\tNodeBB\n\t \n\n\n\n\tLicenza a Pagamento\n<br>\n\n\n\t\n\t\tIP.Board\n\t \n\t\n\t\tXenForo\n\t \n\t\n\t\tvBulletin\n\t \n\t\n\t\tWolfLab\n\t \n\n\n\n\tQueste elencate sono tra le piattaforme pi\u00f9 popolari, ovviamente ne esistono tante altre che per\u00f2 peccano di funzionalit\u00e0 e supporto.\n<br>\n",
                "author": {
                    "id": null,
                    "name": "Ospite",
                    "title": null,
                    "timeZone": "UTC",
                    "formattedName": "<span style=\"font-weight:bold;color:rgb(8777);\">Ospite<\/span>",
                    "primaryGroup": {
                        "id": 2,
                        "name": "Guests",
                        "formattedName": "<span style=\"font-weight:bold;color:rgb(8777);\">Guests<\/span>"
                    "secondaryGroups": [],
                    "email": null,


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