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Unable to add Stripe payment method (Webhook Error)

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I'm currently trying to add Stripe as a payment method on my site.

I've filled out everything correctly & for whatever reason I keep getting the exact same error. 

I've tried by listening to all events on the Stripe webhook, and then just listening to the events that show in the error below. All attempts give me this error.

In the setup guide for Stripe I did notice that the webhook link in the screenshots was an HTTPS://, not an HTTP:// so I'm not sure if this is part of the problem. My site is fully secure & I even got another SSL certificate as I thought that might be the fix.

If anyone has had this issue or has any clue why this is happening please let me know.


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"There is not a webhook set up or it does not have all required event types enabled. The following events are required: source.chargeable, charge.succeeded, charge.faild, charge.dispute.created and charge.dispute.closed"

There is this error for a reason, did you trying finding them and than fixing them?
If you still have errors, you can contact me privately and I can have a look for you, maybe I can help you out.

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I believe Jim is correct that Stripe requires full SSL connectivity (https://).

That reference to http rather than https in the screenshot is odd.

Does your conf_global.php specify http://  and you have a server-level redirect to https://  in .htaccess or similar?

If so, that may be the problem.

The conf_global.php file controls URL reference.

Make sure it specifies https:// for the URL to the site and also make sure that there are no redirects of http to https in place at the server level.

Does that help?

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We are having this exact same issue, but I don't see that this was specifically resolved. 

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I've double checked the webhook on Stripe and it is fully functioning with  "source.chargeable, charge.succeeded, charge.failed, charge.dispute.created and charge.dispute.closed" all selected and enabled. We created a new webhook with all available events selected just to be sure, with the same results. 

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We are using the provided endpoint URL:


Any help would be appreciated. 


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