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Can a club url's be customized?

Manuel Molina

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41 minutes ago, Manuel Molina said:

@Marc Stridgen @Nathan Explosion By default the system assigns a URL for a club with a number...

Instead of https://www.bi5on.com/circles/26-blockchain/ maybe it can be bi5on.com/circles/blockchain ? Is there a way to change the default without the number?

No. It cannot be done. The number is what identifies the club to the platform. 

The name is actually ignored. For example:


The name is meant to help promote SEO.

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4 minutes ago, Manuel Molina said:

Thanks. I understand. I just think it is easer for users that are only interested in keeping up with one club, to have simple URL

If this is super important for your community, you might look at having a 3rd party resource created that helps create redirects for you.  While you can't rewrite IPB's club URLs, you could create some sort of redirect that points to the real URL.  

However you could run into scenarios where this could cause problems...  a few that come to mind:

  • A club is renamed.
  • A club has a similar or same name as an existing club
  • A club name has special characters 

So if you go this route, make sure to think through potential situations that might come up as a result of the project.  

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