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Can OBS video be embedded in a post?

David N.
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The question isn’t clear. OBS (“Open Broadcaster Software”) is a video software, not a file format. The software would have to export a video as something like an mp4 file, which then can be embedded like other attachments. (Whether it will will play will depend on the support of the format and video codec on the side of the viewer.)

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18 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

mov will play only one mac in the browser as it's a mac specific format. 

Ok thanks, however here on my Mac the video doesn't embed in the post, is that normal? When I try to edit the post I linked to, and click the "insert" link to insert the video into the post, a black movie frame appears in the post as if it had been embedded, but once I save the post that disappears and I'm back to seeing only a link to the .mov file. 

I just wanted to double-check to make sure that's normal behavior. 


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