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I'm trying to access /api/forums/posts?key=xxxx. However, I cannot access any URL of the API, because I get the following error.


·         errorCode: "2S290/8",

·         errorMessage: "IP_ADDRESS_NOT_ALLOWED”



I don’t think the GET requests of the API do need to be blocked by IP address, because those are read only. Although, the POST requests should be blocked, because those allow the user to create entries. I assume this is why the .htaccess file is blocking POST requests and filtering by IP address. 

How do I open GET request access to /api/forums/posts?key=xxxx  ?

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The requests are being blocked by the API and not the the .htaccess file!

Are you using the "Restrict to IP Addresses" option, if yes, make sure to whitelist all necessary IP addresses because this option will check any call, no matter if it is a POST,GET,DELETE or PUT request.
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