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How to active two license ?

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First hello everyone,

I would like to know how to go about purchasing a license, or if there is a possibility to buy additional licenses.
How is this mechanic done?

I would like to use the system for the game I am developing.
But I don't want to stop using customization services in my company today.

Could someone explain to me how to proceed?

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12 hours ago, Marco Junior said:

purchasing a license

Assumption made - you are referring to an IPS Community Suite license.



Go there - choose the plan you want to use, click 'Buy.......' and pay for it.

Self-hosted (scroll down on the above page.


Go there - choose what you want to use, click 'Continue to checkout' and pay for it.

It's that simple.


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Once you own a IPS item, you can access your "client area" which is a list of all the different licenses you own and/or cloud hosting you own through Invison Power Services. 

You can add new products at anytime and they will simply be added to the master list of licenses. 

Within those overall licenses, you can add on items (such as adding commerce or pages to a forum license) and manage items like the domain name, support, etc. for the individual licenses themselves. 

Overall the buying process is the same and IPS does a very good job at keeping numerous projects separate, but also easy to manage together.

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