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Lockedtask - updatecheck

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Hi, guys - 


I received this warning today.  Not clear on how to fix.




Locked Task: updatecheck

One of the routine maintenance tasks which run in the background has failed several times, which may indicate a configuration issue.

  • Application/Plugin
  • Task
    Checks for updates to applications, plugins and themes, and for any important bulletins from Invision Power Services.
  • Last Run
    Sunday at 04:57 PM

You should check the logs for any indication of the issue or attempt to run it manually

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3 minutes ago, David Bryce said:

Which corrupted third party application - the Forum ad one? 

What are we waiting to be resolved there?  And who is doing what to resolve it?  I thought since it was enabled that the problem was fixed.



Sorry, that is correct. Please see my post in that topic. That will answer your other questions 🙂

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