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Migrating to a new provider

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I'm trying to migrate to a new VPS provider.  I've moved over the file structure and database and set it up on my test URL while trying to get the process all sorted out.

I've sorted out changing the DB credentials in the conf_global.php file (was getting the can't access site error).

Now I get a 500 Page isn't working error here https://new.thejimlist.com/community/

Any ideas on how to debug this for next steps?

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A "500 Error", also called an "Internal Server Error", is an error generated by the server, and it masks the actual error that caused the 500 Error. 

It's like the "Check Engine" light on a car. It says something is wrong, but not what or where.

You'll need to contact your Host, and ask them to search the Apache Error Log (not the PHP error log) for the 500 Error entries recorded for your IP Address. Those entries will show the actual underlying error that triggered the 500 Error.

But if the errors aren't clear as to cause and resolution, post a followup here.

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