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Combining Top Navbar and Forum/Homepage

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Hello everyone. My question will be simple, I've seen it on several different invision systems, and exactly like invisioncommunity.com, how can I edit my site's homepage and make it a partner with the forum at the same time? That is, when you enter the homepage, if membership/login/account is open in the top right, the account appears. They also work in partnership with the forum.

Do I need to edit a page in the forum system to reach it? Also, is there an easy way to get the navbar menu at the top/pin it to the top of the page (again like invisioncommunity.com) or is it done with customization?

Thank you.

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19 hours ago, Randy Calvert said:

The "Pages" application serves as a CMS which allows you to have custom pages on your website that retain the rest of the site's branding and global header/footer.  

Once you've created your various pages in the "Pages" app, you can set it as the default application so it is loaded when someone accesses your site.  

I need to read better...

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