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image size in a news article (database)

Manuel Molina
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7 minutes ago, Manuel Molina said:

How do I make the record image look like a heading image in a news article from a database? Right now it is displayed at the beginning of the article like a thumbnail.

Help appreciated.

Without a template edit, you can't.

What I used to do is to post the image to a hidden gallery album, copy the url and paste that to the article. It will then display according to image parameters set.

This creates secondary issues however.  You would have to remove the image that you post via the ACP "Image" within the "Content" section of an Article creation or else you would have both images displaying. When you do that though, then your "Categories" image draw is blank. 

I said used to because @opentype's SuperBlocks and SuperGrid plugins fixes this issue beautifully.

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