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Reducing & Optimizing Support Requests

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I wonder if it would help reduce and/ or optimize support requests if we had an "Instructional Thread" that gave users some tips that should be done before, or as they contact support. It could even be done in categories if it got too large such as third party, software updates, etc.

I see support constantly repeating themselves on requests so it might help reduce the load unless it is out there already. So basically, those items that are constantly repeated.

A nice good blurb on how, a person seeking support, can help move forward...

Then the instructions/ tips:

  • Ensure your logon credentials are up-to-date in your client area 
  • Download your database
  • Disable any addons 
  • Ensure requirements are met for any updates (i.e. correct PHP version, MySQL)
  • Contact third party addons for any conflicts
  • See if there is a related post to your issue
  • Etc.

(or words to that effect.)


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Preaching to the choir, mate...I have been in IT support since the mid-90s, and the amount of times I have written something up over those years, to help people report issues better, or to reduce support calls ..whatever...is on a level to the number of beers I have had today.

Here's the problem - it relies on the person reporting the problem being directed to the right place (you're posting in 'Community Support' not the official 'Help and support' forum that IPS use, by the way...probably not your fault, last time I checked the language used in the software guides you to the 'Community' for 'Support' so there is the confusion), but it also relies on them searching for the answer, or for ways to figure things out themselves (which relies on effort on that person's part) or to read something that tells them how to report something (Example: "I just upgraded TO version X" doesn't tell you what they upgraded FROM, which is quite useful to understand in a lot of software cases)

Good luck, sorry to be a bummer on this one.

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Oh, no need to be sorry 👍, just a suggestion mainly for support. My thought was that if Invision support provided information for those seeking help then it might expedite things. I should have worded it better. I've seen Invision provide good support but at the same time they keep repeating themselves. I'm sure there's a way to education customers to follow some basic steps to help make things more efficient. 😎

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