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Parse html ...mayby issue


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On 7/12/2022 at 4:37 PM, Matt said:

I'm unsure what this could be, outside of it actually parsing the HTML and setting up JS handlers, etc.

A long implementation of this task begins when the FCP is measured. I put this topic here because there is a strange moment in the FCP time measured in the PSI test.
Test 1 - measured FCP for 4G network - 2 sec, FCP time for 3G network 3.93 sec - this is relatively good
Test 2 - FCP time for 4G - 3 sec, but FCP for 3G - over 7 sec,...
- bad and other indicators
Test 3 - FCP 4G - 1.5 sec, FCP 3G - 3.01 sec. - very good.
These 3 tests are I done at an interval of 30 seconds

This type of results are obtained consistently - in sequences of tests in different time range, but in all three variants of these tests - server is working OK, no delays from the server.

Is there some php function that reports access from different G networks?

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PS. The same results are obtained in a performance test with the Chrome browser development tool.
Now I did about 10 performance tests on your site - I will not upload pictures to accumulate unnecessarily - but time for this task in each test plays from 140 to 350 milliseconds.
What does it do and what is that task, that is the question…:-)

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On 8/3/2022 at 2:36 PM, Matt said:

That looks to be the History.js jQuery plug-in we use. We can possibly do without it in the near future.

I am not sure but all 3rd party java script slow loading mobile. I can attach pictures of different tests.
But there is another thing - the promote widget creates a rather large delay when loading mobile. A few tasks that slow down first paint and first content... I personally stopped using the promote widget for my mobile view... Loading speed is more than 10 points better...
I looked at your site - this widget is already missing here...
Does your development team have thoughts on it?

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