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List of removed ips files?


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We don't have a list of deprecated files, though if you are cleaning up from an install of 3.x which was upgraded to 4.x there are folders which can usually be deleted. (Note that you need to make certain that you didn't use those folders in some customized way.)

For v4.x the following folders are the default, and must be present:

Could contain: Text, Number, Symbol

Any other folders you'd need to check manually to see what is there.

I'll also include a screenshot of a normal "version 3.x upgraded to version 4.x" folder structure before any old files/folders have been removed:

Could contain: Text, Number, Symbol, Menu

Between those two screenshots you should be able to figure out what can be removed.

(It should be noted as well that any left-over php files would be a very small total for disk space, but removing them is still a good security precaution.)

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What I've done in the past was moved folders I suspected were no longer in use to another subfolder (like OLD).  If something was broken on the site, it was easy to see what object was missing and I could simply move that folder back up a level back to the original place.  

After some period of time (a few weeks to a month), I knew I could safely delete the folder.  

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