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Search index notice???

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This is something that intentionally runs in the background. It can take time on larger sites. I See it started yesterday, and can take some time to complete. 

Could contain: Text, Page, Plot

2 minutes ago, MartinLawrence said:

Do you have any unfinished tasks?  If so, please see this topic.  

Unrelated in this case, Martin 🙂 

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19 minutes ago, MartinLawrence said:

We both have unfinished tasks.  In his case, the task was not yet complete.  In my case, the task cannot complete.

I think pointing users to the Tasks page is a great troubleshooting starting step.

Of course. I was letting you know as I could have course see more than you could when looking at the tasks 🙂 Yours is a bug with an unrelated task.

19 minutes ago, MartyT said:

Thanks for checking my site, Marc! I appreciate your prompt response!

No problem at all 

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