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PHP 8.0 and Errors due to Applications List

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Since today's release I have noticed several of us have had various issues when it comes to upgrading to 8.0 from 7.X... I thought it would be good to keep a running list of which applications are having to be deactivated so that we are able to use 8.0.

My community is facing the same issue and I have not had the time to sort out which application is causing my issue, but by compiling a list it will help users with checking to see if they are using an application that might be causing the issue.

One the dev side it will help the application developers recognize if they are on the list and notify everyone when they have worked through any issues that may have caused the incompatibility.

Please reply with the application you have had to disable to rectify issues with upgrading to 8.X. Please include what version you are using for IPS and what version of PHP that you have upgraded to in your post please.

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I am starting to gather the lists from other posts

  • (NB40) Recent Topics/Posts 1.1.3
  • Online Indicator 1.1 
  • Back To Top Disabled 1.0.4
  • Competitions (Previously Photo Competition) 1.4.5
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