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product expired but user still has the old user group

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I see this problem happening again. A new renewal invoice has been generated last Saturday. The user has not paid the invoice but he still has access to the community because the user group has not been moved.

The username is: adelsa
Invoice number: 1299

I am not sure why this is happening 😞 

I can read in the log that the invoice was generated by the customer? Is that possible? Aren't invoices generated by the system automatically? Maybe I am reading that information incorrectly.

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I am a bit lost about this particular renewal and the information being displayed is contradictory.

  • Renewal invoice generate by the customer
  • Last charge happened on June 8th. Shouldn't the renewal be next 8th July. Today is the 5th of July
  • Why is the Renew: Learner 1299 generated if there are still 3 days left? 

I have this setting enabled. I am a bit lost as to what is going on in this particular scenario, why the invoice was generated and why it says that the invoice was generated by the customer. I would need some help on this one.


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The user has clicked to renew in order to generate the invoice. It hasnt been generated automatically there. The reason they have not been moved back into a previous group is because its not actually expired yet, as you mention yourself there. You can see this in your image, its still active. It will indeed expire on its expiry date, regardless of whether someone has generated a renewal invoice or not. If they pay that renewal, it will extend from the expiry date as expected.

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