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"Permanently delete content" - a little language tweak could prove useful

Nathan Explosion

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When the "Permanently delete content" setting is set to 'x days after it has been deleted', we see the following when content is being deleted:

Could contain: Text, Business Card, Paper


Could contain: Text

And then, if you happen to go to the Moderator CP and select content in the 'Deleted content' section, you see the following:

Could contain: Number, Text, Symbol

If you then change the "Permanently delete content" setting to 'Immediately' - you see those first 2 images again, and poof your content is gone.

Maybe if the setting is set to 'Immediately' then the prompts should be 'Are you sure you want to delete permanently?" in the dialog, and the 'Delete' title on hover should be 'Delete Permanently'?

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