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Huge number of subscription invoices


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One of my members has 160 pages of renewal invoices, they're being created every 30 minutes and have been for a few weeks I've now noticed! 

I'm getting an email too, not sure if it's related from the cron daemon telling me there's a 500 error and the system errors are all the same...

TypeError: Return value of IPS\nexus\Gateway\_Braintree::_payPalState() must be of the type string, null returned (0)
#0 /home/dzxlgzyz/public_html/forums/applications/nexus/sources/Gateway/Braintree/Braintree.php(361): IPS\nexus\Gateway\_Braintree->_payPalState(Object(IPS\GeoLocation))
#1 /home/dzxlgzyz/public_html/forums/applications/nexus/tasks/generateRenewalInvoices.php(203): IPS\nexus\Gateway\_Braintree->auth(Object(IPS\nexus\Transaction), Array, NULL, Array, 'renewal')
#2 /home/dzxlgzyz/public_html/forums/system/Task/Task.php(266): IPS\nexus\tasks\_generateRenewalInvoices->execute()
#3 /home/dzxlgzyz/public_html/forums/system/Task/Task.php(229): IPS\_Task->run()
#4 /home/dzxlgzyz/public_html/forums/applications/core/interface/task/task.php(58): IPS\_Task->runAndLog()
#5 {main}

but it looks like it could be the cause. I've logged into Braintree and all looks ok in there, no notifications.


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