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4.7 - status updates are piped to /dev/null

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Noticed this locally while testing out an unrelated thing, reproed here.

  • Post a status update from your profile (or the create menu, or whatever)
  • Refresh (open) your profile
  • Status update has disappeared
  • "See my activity"
  • Status update isn't there, and there's no filter sidebar entry for status updates or replies

I've not looked into why this is happening, other than that there is no entry in the system log (while not IN_DEV), and rebuilding the search index didn't resolve it (though it was also empty after rebuilding, so YMMV).

I no longer use (stock IPS) status updates on my site, and the impression I got from the lack of support previously was that we were the primary user of them, so maybe nobody will notice?

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