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More permissions for clubs features


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I would like to create a space for school parents club. 

But current club environment missing something:

1. Invited or request to join a club, it is ok. 

2. All parents can post and read topics of a Discussion forum, it is ok. 

3. Once parents are joined that club, no problem they can be part of club by lifetime. It is ok. 

4. Due the parents can be different yearly, so we need create a discussion "forum 20xx" yearly for parents if that year, so parents who already have their children graduated don't need to be part of that yearly forum.

By now missing ability to create forum with a join button form where let parents request to be part of that yearly forum. So parents who don't want to participate that yearly forum just don't want to do that request. That mean club leaders need to approve that yearly forum join request. 

Finally we will be able to keep communication with all parents of all years, and we can have private forum for active parents. 

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