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How do we get the search feature to work the way we'd like it to?

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In the video below:

  • The first search demonstrated returns results formatted / in the way we want them returned for all users.
  • Subsequent searches return results the way we do not want them returned for any users.

Please refer to the short Loom video (1 min, 40 seconds) for concrete examples:

  1. What steps do we need to perform so that results are only returned the desired way for all users?

I apologize if I have not provided enough information, and appreciate your help!

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We would need to look further into this for you, however you are currently using wordpress for login. Could you please update these details by visiting your client area, selecting the relevant purchase, then clicking "Review/Update Access Information" under the "Stored Access Information" section. 

We look forward to further assisting you. 


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