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Ckeditor plugin does not work inside the spoiler

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I want to report a different behaviour of a Ckeditor plugin (Table Tools) when a table is inside the spoiler. When the table is outside the spoiler, when I select two or more cells and I click with right mouse button, I (correctly) get something like that, like if I had selected just one cell


Could contain: Text


But if the same table is inside a spoiler and I do the same action (select more than 2 cells and right mouse button), I get this:


Could contain: Text, Number, Symbol


Like if the Ckeditor plugin was not installed.


I know you do not offer support for Ckeditor plugins, but I think the different behaviour can be caused by the spoiler function. To prove this, if I delete the "class="ipsSpoiler" from the html code, the problem does not happen anymore (but I also loose the style to the spoiler).


Can you please let me know how to solve this without removing the class="ipsSpoiler"?

Thank you!

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