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Detecting and Monitoring the Result of a Re-index of Search Records


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The upgrade to is now several days old.  The search mechanism in the production site reports that Search results are still being indexed.

I have the `task.php` running every 5 minutes via cron.

I don't see any other "task" in the ACP related to search-table/index-table updates listed to choose.

What is the best way to measure or detect progress that the re-indexing of Search results (the re-index) is actually occuring?

I'm tempted to pull the pin and pick the button "Re-index from scratch" from the ACP.

What options do I have to measure/detect progress of the re-index.  I ask because for the last 4-5 days of "being up" and "Index is still running", nothing is searchable.

(empty results)



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CRON should be ran every minute, not 5 minutes. This will cause a delay in your background tasks from executing.


You can check progress of background tasks by going to ACP -> System -> Dashboard -> Background Processes. (You can also choose to run these manually in that widget.)

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Thanks.  I wasn't sure how heavy the task was, so I was initially cautious not to schedule a task overlapping I didn't have a performance metric to run each minute.   It may be just a blink on your hardware, while it may be a longer job on our hardware.  I had no frame of reference to judge.

I see now it's in and out within a minute anyway.

More questions --

What is the name of the task (from the ACP list)  involved in updating the Search Index?  Or it's task Number?**

The job is scheduled each minute.

*/1 * * * * /usr/bin/php -d memory_limit=-1  \
-d max_execution_time=0  \
ServerRoot/applications/core/interface/task/task.php HASH

I don't suppose there's a mode to run the tasks in batch without the built in throttling?   

**There's an optional second argument to `task.php` to indicate which job to run.

Is there a way to pull the stops out and let a specific task just run to completion?

Man page for `task.php` ?

# Concerning..


# which constants.php (or conf) discrete is set to enable the Logging? 






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I think it would be best here to ask what it is you are trying to achieve at this point? It does sound like you are very much overthinking the way in which the task should be handled. You simply need to make sure the task is running every minute. Things like how much is run within a given time, whether tasks overlap etc, are all things in which are taken care of by the software and some based on the environment in which it is run in. So it make little difference whether or not its run on a beefy dedicated machine or shared hosting. The task will only run what it can within that given timeframe

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